We deal with customs clearance in the mode of import, export, temporary import / export, Carnet ATA, international mail, parcel and express cargo. Ltd. "Denils Logistics" is a customs broker. Customs clearance at the main customs offices of St. Petersburg, the Baltic and Pulkovo Customs. Our task is to make customs clearance in the shortest time and with the maximum convenience for you. We maintain a policy of differentiated approach to pricing and so you can always count on the highest quality of service quality at the lowest cost.


We can offer you all kinds of international traffic, including express freight. You give us the address of the fence load and the address where the goods must be delivered - all we do the rest! The samples of goods, execution of export formalities will insure the goods (if required), deliver to the customs terminal in St. Petersburg, perform customs clearance and deliver the goods to you at this time. Own fleet of vehicles allows to transport your goods as soon as possible. We also specialize in the Georgian national team. Convenience combined cargo is to save on transportation and temporary storage.


We can offer you all the benefits of express shipping: the delivery rate, the rate of customs clearance at the customs, reasonable price. This service may interest owners of Internet shops, which require constant sending small packages to individuals through the customs border. Own network of acceptance points parcels own consolidation warehouse and staff of qualified specialists in customs clearance allows for the shortest possible time to deliver the goods to the final destination.